NL zwelgenGloating in your own misfortune.

I have thought about this word and whether it is truly not translatable into English (speaking both languages mother-tongue) for a while before posting this. I think it really isn't translatable, so here goes: The historical Dutch definition of "zwelgen" is "to bathe" and "to consume very quickly". However, in recent times (as far as I could research since the 1950s), the prevalent definition is "to gloat in your own misfortune". This has not been adopted per se by our main dictionary (Van Dale) (yet). It is exactly this definition people below their 40s now only recognise this word by: the historical definitions are almost never meant when this word is used nowadays. It is also this recent definition I struggle to translate into English. So maybe this is more a question rather than a statement: is there a word in English that encompasses the feeling of almost feeling a bit good because how bad things are going for you (in a non-selfdestructive way)? It almost borders boasting your own negativity to harvest compassion from the people you talk to. A good example would be the man flu for instance, but "zwelgen" can be used for any type of misfortune or negativity. Really interested in your input because I struggle to find a translation. ​ Cheers! Really enjoying this community.