Lingodeer Review: is it worth it?

With Lingodeer, you can learn your chosen language faster and better than with manny other apps. 10 million people have already seen the success of their approach: fun and engaging exercises that will keep you coming back for more, with an adaptive learning system ensures that you’re always getting the most out of your studies.

They offer flashcards, audio lessons from native speakers, and stories that allow you to practice speaking.

  • Great for grammar
  • Cons:
  • Little speaking practice
  • Not comprehensive
  • How much does Lingodeer cost?
    Lingodeer costs $14.99 per month.
    Lingodeer device availability
    Lingodeer is available on Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web.
    What methods does Lingodeer use?
    Lingodeer uses Flashcards, and Online Courses.
    How many languages are on Lingodeer?
    There are 11 languages on Lingodeer.
    Which languages are on Lingodeer?
    Languages you can learn with Lingodeer: Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Vietnamese.
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