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UncategorizedPimsleur is a good option if you want to learn how to communicate in a foreign language. Pimsleur (by Simon & Schuster Company) is one of the best language-learning applications available right now.  For students who prefer audio-focused learning and for those who are constantly on the go, it offers top-notch courses and lessons in more than 50 different languages.  While it offers several useful courses, students can be skeptical about its reliability, especially if they are looking for effective and affordable options.   

Is Pimsleur free of charge? 

The quick answer would be no. However, Pimsleur offers an attractive deal—their household name in language learning, the audio-forward, and engaging Pimsleur app, and an affordable subscription plan that even students on a budget can’t resist.

Pimsleur Free Trial

There are two ways to access Pimsleur and start your language learning journey for free.

1. Free Language Learning Lesson

To get this free lesson, go to Pimsleur's website and choose the language you want to pursue. Pimsleur will let you experience learning the language in 30 minutes. From that, you may decide if you want to keep going.   Try Pimsleur here  

2. Free 7-day Trial Friend Referral

Your friends who already use Pimsleur can refer you to the program you want to study, and you can enjoy a 7-day free trial. Meanwhile, your friend who referred you may get a $20 commission if they are from the US.   Note:  Additionally, Pimsleur offers a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee that is worthwhile to take advantage of, especially if you want to learn many languages.   READ MORE: Pimsleur Subscription vs Purchase (Lifetime Subscription)  

What Can You See On The Pimsleur App?

The Pimsleur app is a student’s gateway to learning a new language. The app offers different features that you can access depending on the tiered plan you choose. Here are some features you can see once you download the Pimsleur app.

Features of the Pimsleur app

  • Audio Lessons -  All Pimsleur language programs are built on 30-minute lessons based on actual conversations. So you may practice listening and speaking to what native speakers say since they break down these discussions into small chunks.
  • Offline Learning - Every lesson that you can finish online can be downloaded. Therefore, if you don't prefer using the internet when traveling or just don't enjoy utilizing mobile data to access classes, this is a cool option that will work for you.
  • Driving Mode - People spend a lot of time on their commutes to and from work. You may listen to Pimsleur when stuck in traffic to learn a language rather than getting bored or losing patience. You may learn anywhere with Pimsleur's flexibility of having both audio-only courses.
  • Digital Flashcards - You may revisit the words and phrases you've learned in each session using Pimsleur's digital flashcards. Flashcard features include saving different words for later practice and an audio recording of the words being pronounced correctly. The program also tells you if you correctly or erroneously predicted the words, so you can decide which ones you need to revisit.
  • Speed Rounds - The gamified portion of Pimsleur requires you to rapidly recognize the vocabulary words that drop from the screen's top and select their translation before they strike the bottom. A novel technique to swiftly learn additional vocabulary is through the app's mini-game.
  • Speak Easy Challenges - Speak Easy Challenges offers role-playing exercises that you may listen to and replay, acting as your reviewer for classes. Because they imitate real-life events, the conversations are easy to follow because each side may be replayed.
  • Lightbulb Moments - This bonus function teaches you some fascinating historical and cultural information about the language you're learning.

Pimsleur Subscription

Pimsleur subscription has several options you can choose from depending on what you need. You may purchase digital downloads of 5 lessons for $21.95 or a full course for $575 (5 levels, 30 lessons per level) of the language of your choice.  Meanwhile, you can also subscribe to a monthly subscription that starts at $14.95 for the basic features of one language. You may also choose the All-Access features on the platform for $19.95 for one language, or $20.95 for multiple languages.

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