Live Lingua Review: is it worth it?

Live Lingua used to specialize in so-called “public domain” courses – it used to be a database of language learning material that is not copyrighted. Now, the platform offers 1-on-1 language courses in select languages, they offer to put you up with a handpicked, native tutor. Currently, they have an offer for a free first class in Spanish.

  • Native-speaking teachers
  • Cons:
  • Expensive
  • How much does Live Lingua cost?
    Live Lingua's price depends on how you use it .
    Live Lingua device availability
    Live Lingua is available on Web.
    What methods does Live Lingua use?
    Live Lingua uses Tutors.
    How many languages are on Live Lingua?
    There are 8 languages on Live Lingua.
    Which languages are on Live Lingua?
    Languages you can learn with Live Lingua: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish.
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