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UncategorizedLearning a new language can expand your knowledge of the world. If you want to learn how to speak and understand conversations in a new language, try Pimsleur. Simon & Schuster’s Pimsleur is one of the top language learning apps on the market today. It's got top-caliber courses and lessons for over 50 languages available for students who prefer audio-focused learning and for those who are always on the go.   Try Pimsleur Today!  

Pimsleur’s Beginnings

“There exists an urgent national need for self-instructional materials in many of the world’s languages.” –Dr. Pimsleur In 1963, Dr. Pimsleur recorded “Modern Greek,” the first-ever language course offered by Pimsleur. The recording was the result of Pimsleur’s theory of self-instruction, developed from years of studying and teaching linguistics and the psychology of language.  As technology progressed, Pimsleur lessons gradually migrated from their humble beginnings on cassette tapes to CDs, digital downloads, and now, more than 50 years later, a comprehensive app.   

What does Pimsleur offer?

Pimsleur offers over 50 language courses, which you may access in two ways. You may either purchase the courses, which you can keep for life through one-time payments, or you may subscribe to their programs and be charged on a monthly basis.  You can get hard copies of Pimsleur on eBay or from distributors of Pimsleur. You can also gain lifetime access by digitally purchasing a 5-level course in the language you want to study. Pimsleur also offers subscription-based access through its app that you can pay for monthly; the packages can include one language or more. This option can save you more money if you plan to study only for a few months.  

What will you get in your Pimsleur subscription?

Pimsleur’s language courses have a typical set of lessons per level that you can study. Here’s what you can expect from your Pimsleur subscription:
  • 30 audio lessons narrated in a language of your choice
  • There are 30 lessons per level, and there are 5 levels in every course
  • You have one lesson you can study everyday
  • Each lesson is a 30-minute audio file, so you can study even when you’re on-the-go
  • You can integrate the lessons via a voice assistant such as Amazon Echo
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Features you can find on Pimsleur app

[caption id=attachment_2900 align=alignnone width=886]Pimsleur Pimsleur Interface[/caption]

1. Audio lessons

The pillar of all Pimsleur language courses are30-minute lessons based on real-life conversations. They simplify these conversations into manageable parts, so you can practice listening and speaking to what native speakers say.  

2. Offline Learning

You can download every lesson that you can complete online. So if you’re not using the internet while you’re traveling or you just don’t like using mobile internet just to access lessons, this is a neat feature that will work for you.   

3. Driving Mode

Many people spend a lot of their time traveling to and from work. Instead of being bored or running out of patience while in traffic, you can listen to Pimsleur and learn a new language. Pimsleur gives you the flexibility of having both audio-only lessons so you can study wherever you go.  

4. Digital Flashcards

Digital flashcards help you review words and phrases you’ve learned in each lesson. Flashcard features include an audio recording of the words’ correct enunciation and the ability to save different words to practice later. The app also lets you know if you guessed the words correctly or incorrectly, so you’ll know which ones you’ll need to review.   

5. Speed Rounds

This is the gamified part of Pimsleur where you need to quickly identify the vocabulary words that fall from the top of the screen, and you need to choose their translation before they hit the bottom. This mini-game in the app is a fresh way to learn more words quickly.  

6. Speak Easy Challenges

Speak Easy Challenges serve as your reviewer during lessons as they offer role-playing activities you can listen to and replay. Each side of the conversation can be repeated, making them easier to follow because they mimic real-life situations.  

7. Lightbulb Moments

This is an added feature that helps you learn interesting historical and cultural tidbits about the language you’re studying.  

Subscription pricing

One-time payment scheme

  • Physical copy prices start at $575 for a full language course
  • Digital purchases start at $21.95 for 5 lessons and go up to around $575 for a full language course.

Monthly subscription

  • Monthly subscription for one language starts at $14.95 for a premium subscription.
  • Monthly subscription for All-Access features on the platform is $19.95 (for one language) and $20.95 (for multiple languages on the platform).
  Note: Each Pimsleur course has a 7-day trial so you can explore the app and see if it fits your preferences and study style. Pimsleur also has a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee, worth giving a try, especially if you’re planning on studying multiple languages.    READ MORE: Pimsleur Subscription vs Purchase (Lifetime Subscription)

What do people say about Pimsleur?

Many language learners find Pimsleur to be a reliable language learning platform today. Compared to other platforms, what stands out the most for them is its audio-forward courses, which help students learn proper pronunciation, natural accents, and real-life conversations.  Some users have noted that it’s a great platform to use if you’re an active learner who can stick to daily lessons on a schedule. “It teaches 85% grammar and the rest is vocabulary and pronunciation. The practice modes are polished and helpful,”  says one  Redditor who studied Korean on the platform. Users also noted that it might be better to subscribe to Pimsleur Premium and All-Access over the course of 6 months instead of availing of a single course for a one-time payment. Some advise university and high school students to check and maximize their library access because it may help them obtain Pimsleur's courses at a lower price or even for free.  

Bottomline: Should You Study with Pimsleur?

Pimsleur is easily the most brilliant app for students who favor audio-centric learning. Being able to converse and understand conventional conversations is helpful for learners, especially when they need to put those lessons into practice immediately. The consistent practice also helps you retain conversations, so sticking to the daily lessons Pimsleur offers can help speed up your learning process. 

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