Chinese 知音(Zhī Yīn)Lit. to know the tone.

This word came from a beautiful story. Copied from Wikipedia as below. Bo Ya was good at playing the qin. Zhong Ziqi was good at listening to the qin. When Bo Ya's will was towards high mountains in his playing, Zhong Ziqi would say, 'How towering like Mount Tai!' When Bo Ya's will was towards flowing water in his playing, Zhong Ziqi would say, 'How vast are the rivers and oceans!' Whatever Bo Ya thought of Ziqi would never fail to understand. Bo Ya said, 'Amazing! Your heart and mine are the same!' When Ziqi died, Bo Ya broke the strings [of his qin] and vowed never to play [the qin] again. Thus, there was the melody of High Mountains Flowing Water. This story was widely spread as the sample of true friendship. 高山流水觅知音 ([Playing music about] high mountains and flowing water to finally find someone who understands.) What's more romantic is that NASA chose this song Liu Shui (flowing water) for its Voyager Golden Record to send to outer space and maybe find a fiend for us human beings. We are lonely in this vast universe.