Polish ZamordyzmA way of strict governance, usually coupled with restriction to freedoms and supressing the population.

Literally [grabbing] by the face/snout[ism]. ​ Describes the authoritarian style of governance, usually deployed by dictatorship. The previous Polish regime The **Polish People's Republic** (1952-1989) is often considered an example. Currently some extreme examples would be China and North Korea. ​ The expression, as the literal translation suggests, is a metaphore of govrnment grabbing the citizens by the face/snout, the same way a dog owner might grab it in a muzzling gesture. "Muzzle" could be considered a bit of an equivalent but that is more of freedom of speech thing, while "Zamordyzm" is more generic. ​ EDIT: Bit more of ethymology explanation."Za" is a preposition that depending on the context might mean either "behind" or "by [something]". The second meaning is part of the word "zamordyzm". "Morda" is a term for mouth or face. Usually used in regards to animals or if used to describe human face it is a pejorative. Equivalent English word would be "mug".