EnglishY’all’d’veYou all would have (reverse DNT).

I put "reverse DNT" because this word is forward-translatable but not backwards-translatable. "habrían", for instance, is the easy answer for how to translate "y'all'd've" into Spanish. But literally no one on the planet would think to translate the Spanish word "habrían" or any other word from any other language *into* English as "y'all'd've". It is characteristic of the American South, a region often derided by others for many reasons, including dialect, racial composition, history, religious affiliation, and political positions. Examples: "If I hadn't stopped you, y'all'd've run right into the road and gotten yourselves killed!" Despite what you've seen and read, this is most often pronounced "[jɑːl.də]" with no "v" at all. [Vocaroo](https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Y1PHOiiJ8W) Its negative form, the elusive "y'all'dn't've" [jɑːl.ntə - pronunciations vary](https://vocaroo.com/i/s0gUQnNbpdUi) is much rarer, as not even a quick-thinking and characteristically slow-drawling Southerner thinks that many words ahead.