Bulgarian Дървен философ (wooden philosopher)Somebody who's extremely confident in their knowledge, but doesn't have the slightest idea what they're talking about.

For example, you may ask a wooden philosopher what "out of the blue" means, and they would spend a literal hour teaching you about the colour blue, its lyrical meaning, and the origins of blues music, before finally concluding that "out of the blue" is about the tormented soul's escape from a depressed, downtrodden state back into the daylight of happiness. Then they might notice that you'd been holding open a dictionary for the past 55 minutes that defines "out of the blue" as something happening unexpectedly, as if falling out of the blue sky. And then they'd tell you that the dictionary is from 10 years ago and anyway it doesn't take anything special to compose a dictionary, that anybody can do it, and that a dictionary doesn't teach you the "real" definitions, but only the ones that jobless English professors use, before finally slipping into a long rant over linguistic prescriptivism and how it's destroying modern society. Example of wooden philosophy out in the wild: > The manifestation of the universe as a complex idea unto itself as opposed to being in or outside the true Being of itself is inherently a conceptual nothingness or Nothingness in relation to any abstract form of existing or to exist or having existed in perpetuity and not subject to laws of physicality or motion or ideas relating to non-matter or the lack of objective Being or subjective otherness. – Woody Allen (Heh. Get it? Because he's "Woody", and we're talking about "wooden" philosophers? 😏 It's okay not to laugh, I know it takes 3000 IQ to understand the reference, you'll get there someday.) See also: /r/JordanPeterson