TurkishVisâlLong-awaited arrival, meeting, especially meeting with lover.

Reaching the loved one. End of the separation. Constructed from the Arabic "wṣl" of "wiṣāl". Example: Visâle yetmek/kavuşmak - (to be reunited with one's lover, to be reunited with what one wants, to achieve.) It's an old and rarely used word in Turkish language. However, it has alternatives in other Turkic languages, such as, Azerbaijani "vüsal": Ah, bu son hicranın vüsalı müşkül, dağ dağa rast gələr, biz görüşmərik. - (Ah, this last separation's reunion is difficult/unlikely to happen, even the mountains would cross - we would not meet) i'm bad at translating poetry, don't judge ;)