German UnterschichtenfernsehenThe kind of TV programs preferred by or targeted at the uneducated and poor.

literally: underclass television This is a derogative term for TV channels and shows largely aimed at the lowest common denominator in education and taste (think Big Brother, talk shows, reality TV, etc). The idea is that this type of entertainment is not only preferred by the poor and uneducated but it does its part in keeping them that way by numbing their minds or at least not improving them. Perhaps there's also an implicit insinuation that the well educated not only prefer other TV channels but other media forms altogether (books, newspapers, etc). This term often crops up in the discussion about the quality of content in private television, the effects of privatization and the role media commercial consumption plays in educating (or dumbing down) the general populace. While some find it to accurately describe a worrisome social phenomenon others reject it as too general of a stereotype. ​ sources: []( [](