German, Bavarian/Austrian dialectUms OaschleckaA unique, tiny, disappointing unit of measurement.

Do you know how sometimes a thing is just *that* tiny bit too big or small to fit how it should, frustratingly? Especially if it definitely looks like it would fit? There's a word for *that* in the Bavarian and Austrian dialects of German: "ums Oaschlecka". Translated to High German it's "ums Arschlecken", literal English meaning "by the lick of an ass". Like a universally understood, disappointing unit of measurement it describes in one word, by which just oh-so tiny bit the said object is either too big or small to fit perfectly, annoying everyone involved. Example in Bavarian/Austrian: >"Kriagst de letzte Kistn ned a no in'n Kofferraum eine?" "Na, grod ums Oaschlecka hoid ned!" High German: >"Bekommst du die letzte Kiste nicht auch noch in den Kofferraum rein?" "Nein, gerade ums Arschlecken eben nicht!" English: >"Can't you fit that last box in your trunk, too?" "No, just not by the lick of an ass!" In this case that one "lick of an ass" probably equals not even half a centimeter / quarter of an inch, by which this box is too big to *just* fit in the last available, apparently neatly fitting spot between the dozen other boxes in his car's trunk.