Argentine Spanish “Trucho/a”An umbrella definition for anything that is either tacky, phony, fake, counterfeit or bootleg.

In Argentina we have an umbrella definition for anything that doesn't seem legit, from a bootleg copy to a counterfeit bill. For example, we had, some years ago and in the midst of an economical crisis, “remises truchos”. It's hard to explain it to a foreigner. It was an unlicensed chauffered rental car (something like a cab) that would take you and other people from certain point (mostly train stations) to landmarks in several nearby neighborhoods. Another common use is to point out a counterfeit bill: “este billete es re trucho, cómo me cagaron”. It would be translated to “this bill is really fake; I've been so fucking scammed!”. Yet another one: to declare some person is a phony. For example: “Tu jefe es un trucho de mierda, mirá cómo se hace el boludo con tu sueldo”. It can be translated (roughly) to: “your boss is a blatant phony; just look how he says he cannot pay you, but he can”. Of course, “boludo” deserves an entire new post here. **EDIT**: I've made a video for this. [Check it out in my channel](