Finnish Tratta and protestilistaUnpaid corporate debt notice and a public list of them.

All of this concerns B2B debt (not consumer debt). A *tratta* is a demand to pay unpaid debt with a threat of publishing a notice about the failure to pay if it's not paid. If they still fail to pay, the *tratta* can be published. A *protestilista* is a list of these notices, which are published by the major daily commercial newspapers. This is not the same as a court judgement: a *tratta* is a private instrument, usually used before seeking a court judgement, and doesn't require the government to be involved at all. A *tratta* is usually issued by a private debt collection agency. The agency will notify credit rating agencies of all these steps. If a company ends up on the *protestilista*, their credit will be damaged, because credit rating agencies read the *protestilista* and mark the company's record accordingly. Other companies will generally not lend the company any money and will demand payment in advance, or demand higher interest. [Finnish Wikipedia link here]( A *tratta* literally translates to "[tract](" but it doesn't mean that in this context. Consumer debt or personal debt is handed differently; only legal entities with a company number can receive a *tratta*.