Australian EnglishTo BludgeTo Scrounge, Goof off, be lazy, or shirk.

A verb, also a noun, and there's also the form 'a bludger'. A word that has several shades of meaning. Can be used in a relatively neutral sense : *Can I bludge a cigarette off you, mate?*; in this case you don't necessarily expect to get one back. If used of one's self, it may be mildly self-deprecatory : *Yeah, I didn't get it finished - I was having a bit of a bludge yesterday.* Or may be used in a jokey manner: *This job is the biggest bludge ever!* If used of a second or third party, it means shirking one's duties in such a way that others have to pick up the slack: *Barry's been bludging all day, he still hasn't finished stacking those bricks!* This has very strongly negative connotations and implies breaking some social contract. To do this habitually runs the risk of being labelled a *bludger*. Finally, a *dole bludger* is not just someone on unemployment benefits, but someone who doesn't want a job, avoids it at all costs and is therefore imposing on the other members of society.