Malagasy Tatanta (interj.)Noticing somebody has got something new.

This is a friendly word used to draw attention to something brand-new somebody has just got. It's a light-hearted interjection teasing the owner in a "*look at this spoiled kid!*" humor. It can only be used for material, manufactured things. Most of the time it's used for clothes, but it could also be a phone or a car. You wouldn't use this word for having a baby, a new job or a haircut (unless the person got a hair implant). Example : *Benny arrived at school wearing his brand-new sneakers he had just got for his birthday. As soon as his best friend Joe saw them, he yelled : "**Tatanta** sneakers Benny !" Then all the kids looked at Benny's shoes, which made Benny a bit embarrassed but also kind of proud.