Hindi तो (tō)A word placed after a word to dismiss it as irrelevant or unimportant, or when something catches you by surprise.

Basically, it makes the word before it sound unimportant. * Tū bachā hai = You're a child (factual statement) * Tū *tō* bachā hai = You're just a child (I thought you'd be older!) * Vō 7 fīt lambā hai = He's 7 feet tall (factual statement) * Vō *tō* 7 fīt lambā hai = He's 7 feet tall (I thought he'd be like 6 feet, but holy fuck he's tall) This word also exists in Punjabi (my other native language) as "tã" (ਤਾਂ). --- I still don't think this is the full translation because I've been struggling for months trying to find a suitable translation so I can explain it to my Hindi learners.