LatvianPufaikciemsVillage of puffy jackets.

After WW2, as a part of russification process, immigrants from Russia were transferred into Latvia. To accommodate the new housing needs, many [microdistricts]( were built. Many of the new settlers were wearing a puffy cotton jackedts called as [pufaika (Latvian) / vatnik(Russian)]( It was originally issued to Soviet soldiers in WW2 and in the following years it proved itself to be very popular among general Russian population because of it's warmth. Thereafter the word "pufaikciems" was born. ( "ciems" - village) Nowadays the term is rarely used in Latvia, because the society has become more homogenous and those places are now inhibited both by Latvians and Russians. However it still might be sometimes used to describe the Soviet built microdistricts in a humorous way.