Bulgarian Пострелям (postrelyam)To shoot a little bit, presumably out of boredom or because one wants to, until one doesn't feel like shooting anymore.

This is the effect of the prefix po- on the verb strelyam 'to shoot'. Here's what other prefixes do: * **v**strelyam – to inject by shooting; to "in-shoot" * **vaz**strelyam – *(refl.)* to shoot (fire/launch) oneself (grammatically correct but not an actual word so it's purely for humour; mostly to describe shooting in a very exaggerated way) * **do**strelyam 1. *(dat. + refl.)* to get an itch to do some shooting 2. to complete or finish shooting * **za**strelyam 1. to shoot someone dead 2. to begin/start shooting * **zad**strelyam 1. to overtake or surpass in a shooting sense 2. to aftershoot * **iz**strelyam 1. to launch (a missile); to fire (a bullet) 2. *(refl.)* to launch oneself; to pop out of something/somewhere at high speed 3. to shoot up (exhaust) e.g. a whole magazine * **izpo**strelyam – to shoot up (all the objects) * **izpoza**strelyam – to shoot (all those people) dead * **izraz**strelyam – *(refl.)* to suddenly start shooting around like mad * **na**strelyam – *(refl.)* to shoot until one can't or doesn't feel like shooting anymore (implies doing a lot of shooting in the process) * **nad**strelyam 1. to outshoot someone; to best someone at shooting 2. *(pl. refl.)* to keep trying to best one another at shooting 3. to shoot higher than some obstacle * **o**strelyam – to shoot at something from multiple sources * **ob**strelyam – to shoot at something from multiple directions * **ot**strelyam 1. *(dat. + refl.)* to lose the will for shooting 2. *(refl.)* to shoot out of something or somewhere (self-propelled or gravity-assisted) 3. to unshoot something; to undo a shot 4. to eject something in a shooting way; to "exshoot" * **pod**strelyam 1. to undershoot 2. to shoot underneath some obstacle * **pre**strelyam 1. to exchange shots; to engage in a gunfight 2. to overshoot (in all senses of the word) 3. *(refl.)* to overshoot oneself (implies becoming unable to shoot anymore) * **pred**strelyam 1. to shoot in preparation 2. to preshoot * **prez**strelyam – to shoot through something * **pri**strelyam 1. to take a shot from time to time 2. to assist someone with, by or through shooting, presumably jointly * **pro**strelyam 1. to shoot and wound someone (non-fatally) 2. to shoot a hole in something 3. to fire casually once without aiming 4. to become able to shoot once again due to a previous critical fault being fixed * **raz**strelyam 1. to execute by firing squad 2. *(refl.)* to start shooting randomly around * **sa**strelyam – to co-shoot with someone or something * **u**strelyam 1. to break/fuck up something via shooting 2. *(refl.)* to accidentally shoot oneself (implies doing none or little damage) [chiefly humorous]