HungarianPofaMeaning behind a given face; impression, mostly based off face.

There's a phrase "pofát vág" which DIRECTLY translates to "face cut" but more accurately "pull a face" I love this phrase because it's an all encompassing/ sort of aggressive or funny way to point out a face being made (either on you or someone/ anything else) A close example to what it feels like in English would be saying "That kid and his shitfaced grin..." or a "What an smug look" for instance. But there's more observational humour behind it, like it's being discovered. "Milyen pofát vág!?" Directly translates to "What kind of face are they making?" But it's more emotive than that, which can only really be expressed in English through swears or heavy emphasis. "See this shit? Do you see that stupid face they are making? What kind of face is that/ how dare they think they can get away with it so easily!" My favorite use of it is when describing a cat that's just looking at you with a dull death stare. You know the one, the "I'm more important than you, what do you want" look. Which to that you or a friend would respond: "Milyen pofát vág ez a macska" (What kind of face is this cat making?/ Do you see this face this cat is making at us?)