Japanese Otonagaiおとながい.

https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/otonagai/ >The main distinction between otonagai and simply buying things in bulk is that it's not just about buying a lot of something. Otonagai is specifically buying a lot of something normally sold to kids. So buying 300 boxes of tissues at Costco or hoarding bottled water for the apocalypse is not otonagai. It specifically describes buying things meant for children, like buying all six My Little Pony figurines or every issue of the Adventure Time comic at once. >Otonagai is a noun when describing the action itself. But it's also a suru verb, which basically means you're "otonagai-ing." *どうしてもキュアショコラのカードが 欲しくて、プリキュアのチョコを20個も 大人買いしちゃった。[Doushitemo KYUA SHOKORA no kaado ga hoshikute, PURI KYUA SHOKO wo nijuuko mo otonagai shichatta.]* *I really wanted Cure Chocolat's card so I just otonagai'd 20 packs of Pretty Cure Choco Snacks.*