HebrewNaglaנגלה - the act of separate back and forth runs (better explained inside).

It's a funny word widely used in Hebrew (it is slang though). What it means is if there's something your have to do a few times, each repetition would be a Nagla. It is most used in the context of moving stuff from point A to point B. Example: if you have 10 grocery store bags you have to transport from your car to your apartment, you could do it all in 1 "Nagla", or 2 separate "Naglot" with less bags in each run. Another one: if you and your friends have a task of moving a lot of furniture, you could say: "Let's each take a couple of boxes and finish this in 1 Nagla". Yet another use: you are a group of 6 friends, and you only have 1 car and you all have to get somewhere. So you will do 2 "Naglot" = 2 back and forth runs with 3 people each time to get everyone there. You could stuff 6 people in one car and finish it in 1 Nagla (please don't though!). To my best knowledge (or according to some link I just found), its origin is from the Arabic word "Nakla" which means transport or delivery.