Low SaxonNökenTo copulate, to have sex, to fuck. To screw, to bang, to conjugate. To lie with, to go all the way, to couple.

[The dictionary telling half of the story](http://plattmakers.de/en/16604/n%C3%B6ken). The trouble, here, is that Low Saxon is nearly completely ignorant when it comes to language registers. To the point where if you were to use some euphemism somewhere where English would tend towards being erudite, it reads as a completely pointless and obscuring kenning: Calling "fire" "the bane of twigs" is something you should leave to skalds. In the other, direction, then, you get into the trouble of having to choose a suitable register in English, which is often impossible. If you're, say, translating a story in which a family is talking about things around the kitchen table, choosing *any* of the alternatives can completely mess up the tone.