Marathi आयता(m)/आयती(f)/आयतं(n) (āytā/āytī/āyta)Adjective used to describe something that one gets without having made any efforts for it.

IPA : आयता (masculine) /ɑːjt̪ɑː/ , आयती (feminie) /ɑːjt̪iː/ , आयतं (neuter) /ɑːjt̪ə/ , आयते (plural) /ɑːjət̪eː/ This adjective is used to describe anything that one gets without making an effort for it. It is not necessarily limited to physical things, but anything that you can achieve without making an effort to get there. Usage : 1. मी कामावरून घरी आल्यावर मला आयता चहा करून मिळतो Translation : When I come home after work, I get "āyatā" tea. (implying that someone gives the speaker tea without the speaker having made any efforts to make the tea) 2. मी अभ्यास नाही केला तरीही परीक्षेत आयते मार्क मिळाले Translation : Although I did not study for the exam, I got "āyte" marks (implying that even without making an effort to study for the exam, the speaker scored well)