Sicilian Liscìa /li’ʃi:a/A prolongated sense of lightness that makes you prone to humour.

It probably comes from an [old Italian form]( of the word [liscivia]( (lye), of which it shares the literal meaning; the meaning mentioned in the title is, as far as I know, of unknown origin and untranslatable directly. EDIT: Just an hypothesis on the etymology: if this nuance of the term is, as I believe, more recent than its other meaning "lye", it might come from "lisciu/liscio" (respectively Sicilian and Italian for "smooth" as in "not coarse"), my reasoning being that it exists an expression in Sicilian that reads "essiri lisciu" (to be "lisciu"), with the meaning of "being unwilling (to do general things, never referring to one thing in particular)".