Icelandic Lögreður (a lawful penis)The legally acceptable minimum penis size as a grounds for divorce.

[Link]( Translation goes as follows: "A woman goes to the magistrate and asks for divorce from her husband. The magistrate asks her the reason and the woman starts counting her complaints; he quickly sees that she finds her husband underrepresented in the area where another woman had found her husband overrepresented, - 'for it is the most cursed abomination I have ever seen,' said the woman. The magistrate asks whether this aberration is of the nature that it is insufficient or whatever else is wrong with it? 'Do not mention it,' said the woman, 'for this abomination is no more than three inches.' The magistrate then asks whether she can not work with so little? 'What is this I hear from you?' said the woman, 'this is no more than one through hair, a second through skin, and the third one in, and what happens to the lay then, my good sir?' The woman then claims that she were not obliged to settle for less than a 'lawful penis'. The magistrate now comments that he knows not in law what a lawful penis is 'or do not three inches suffice?' 'No,' says the woman, 'no, it's one through hair, a second through skin, a third, fourth, and fifth one in, that is what the lay is for, and this I would call a lawful penis, my good sir!' According to legend, the woman got her divorce. Source: [Jón Árnason (1819 - 1888)](