German LügenbaronA notorious skilled liar or swindler.

Literally: baron of lies In German literature there are many stories that tell the fantastical (read: obviously fabricated) yet entertaining tales of a Baron by the name of Münchhausen. Perhaps you have heard his story of riding across a battlefield atop a canonball? Although there was a real historical person by this name some centuries back to which some of the stories can be traced, it Baron von Münchhausen quickly developed into an independent literary character. Thus a Lügenbaron in German is a person who (frequently) puts forward the boldest of lies. Stories or accounts that sound so fantastical and fabricated that they surely cannot be true. While clearly designating someone as a liar, the "baron" part of the word also indicates that their embellishment is somewhat skilful and that they are notable even amongst liars. [dictionary entry]( Trivia: This Baron of Münchhausen is also where munchhausen syndrome, a mental disorder in which patients fake or provoke illness to gain atention from others, gets its name.