Hebrew, from Russian Khaltoora (חלטורה)A side gig, done as a favor and/or half-assed.

Comes from the Russian word халтура. The closest translation I can think of is "Gig" or "Side job", and usually has three meanings: 1. When you do your job unofficially as some sort of side-show, usually as a favor: "He's a famous singer, but ticket sales have been low so he does khaltooras at Bar Mitzvahs" 2. When you do something that isn't your job, usually as a favor as well: "I couldn't find a babysitter so I had the neighbour's daughter do a khaltoora" 3. When you do your job in a shitty fashion: "The landlord fixed the leak with some chewing gum, really pulled a khlatoora on me".