Coll. ArabicKhalas خلاصI'm done/enough!/it's over/there's nothing more to be done/already - Is there a word like this in your language?.

After speaking Arabic for many years I've just inserted this word, khalas, into my English speech because I can't find a good equivalent. None of the above explanations really do it justice, but you get the point. What other languages have a word like this? E.g. khalas mish(not) mawgood(he's present) = roughly, "he's not here and there's no point in waiting or looking for him so let's leave" or khalas sallimtaha(I turned it in) = "I already turned it in", implies that you can't take it back now You can also just say "khalas!" to someone when you want them to stop doing something, like "enough!" in English. But when you finish food or a task you can say "khalas" by itself in a calm tone and it will sound polite.