Hungarian Küszöbgörcs (lit. threshold-cramp)The inability to leave already.

*Küszöbgörcs* is when you start saying goodbye at 8 pm and at 10 pm you still haven't moved from the doorway. It can occur with just the one person who can't get the hint that the hosts want to go to bed, or it can happen to a whole group, with everyone standing in the entryway awkwardly holding their purses and coats, and then someone says "Well, we really should go now, but just one more thing..." and then the conversation is good for another half an hour at least. Parents are especially susceptible to this disorder: somehow, interrupting whatever game their children were playing because "we're leaving now" causes unusually severe threshold-cramps, so that said children could've finished that game as well as two others before anyone gets anywhere near a vehicle. Of course, there are especially-talented people who can have threshold cramps while sitting in the car with the window rolled down, and with their host standing in the street next to the car. Note that *küszöbgörcs* only really applies to physical leave-taking. If there is a word for the inability to end a phone conversation (yes, Mom, this means you), I haven't heard of it.