Chinese 江湖(Jiāng Hú)Lit. rivers and lakes.

Jia Zhangke's latest film 江湖儿女 (Ash is Purest White) just had its world premier at Cannes. The word 江湖 came from Zhuangzi in the late 4th century BC. Originally it meant the martial art world of ancient China, as well as the lifestyle of a hermit. Now it means the sub-society parallel to the mainstream world, like the invisible fight between companies. Idioms: 相濡以沫,不如相忘于江湖。- The original source of 江湖, from Zhuangzi. - Just like two fish, to spit each other in dry rut to survive is no better than forget each other in river and lake. 重返江湖 - Back to jianghu - Back to this industry (to fight and survive in this chaos). 老江湖 - Old Jianghu - Someone who's been familiar with specific areas. 江湖险恶 - Jianghu is dangerous - To remind some newbies how dangerous the society is. 人在江湖,身不由己 - Been in this jianghu(world/society/industry), you can't always do as you like. Where there's people, there's jianghu. - Gu Long