Danish HovA multitool for expressing surprise.

The Danish satirical talk show Monte Carlo brought this to my attention tonight. The Danish word "hov" is a very common word. It's an expression of surprise but can be varied to fit a lot of situations: > Hov, I dropped my wallet. > > Hov! A knickle! > > (slowly and soft-spoken) Hov-hooov... that was a unexpected but pleasant. > > Hov-hov! That was cheeky of you. > > Hov hov hov!!! You can't say something like that! > > Hov-hov hov-hov. You're in a hurry aren't ya? The nuances in tone, speed and pronunciation is key to the many ways "hov" is used. It's a bit like "hey", but does not function as a greeting or anything else. "Hov" is a spoken word, rarely a written one.