TagalogHinayangRegret over lost or wasted potential.

I guess it overlaps a bit or even falls under the broad umbrella term *regret* in English, but just simple "regret" is *pagsisisi* in Tagalog, it's not really the same. You feel *pagsisisi* when you didn't do something you should have done, or did something you shouldn't have, and it led to a negative consequence. *Hinayang* is the specific flavor of regret you feel when things are actually going right but something changed in the situation and it led to disaster, or you put so much resources into something hoping it'll lead to something good but it essentially led to nothing, or you missed the chance of a lifetime and might never get it back *Hinayang* is what you feel when you change your mind about an answer to a test question, but your original answer turned out to be correct. Or when you work overtime for a month just to buy a limited-edition item and your cat immediately knocks it off the shelf and breaks it (all your hard work has been wasted). Or you decide to walk in an alternate route one day and it turned out your favorite celebrity of all time was in your regular path on that specific day and you missed seeing them irl. Or when you see a bright person with a promising future fall to drug abuse and lose their way (you feel *hinayang* for them) The root word is *sayang*, which means "to waste/have been wasted", so *hinayang* is the underlying emotion when someone says "what a waste!" ("Sayang!")