TagalogGumanitoTo do (like) this.

A sort of demonstrative pronoun but for verbs; **gumanito** (from *ganito* "like this" but with a verb affix) is a verb that means… whatever you are gesturing with your body. *"Gumanito ka"* therefore roughly means *"follow what I'm doing"*. There are also verb forms of the other demonstrative pronouns: **gumaniyan**, **iganun** "to do (like) that" from *ganiyan* and *ganoon* respectively. These 'demonstrative verbs' are actually pretty flexible, and very useful in many cases: **Iganito** mo muna. "Do it like this first." (while acting out what should be done) Ba't mo siya **ginaniyan**? "Why did you do that to her?" (other person did something bad) **Igaganun** ko ang buhok ko. "I will do that to my hair." (pointing to a certain hairstyle)