Marathi घरोबा (gharobā)The kind of relationship where you can and do show up at each other's house frequently, anytime, without prior notice; and even if you don't live with the other person, you are as close to them as you are to anyone living with you.

IPA : /gʰəɾoːbɑː/ This word is generally used to describe very close friends or the relationship between cousins of around the same age. It can also describe the relationship between two families who frequently visit each other. The word is also sometimes used to describe a romantic relationship, but that is rare. Usage : 1. ती माझी लहानपणाची मैत्रिण आहे पण आमचा खूप घरोबा नाही. Translation : She is my friend since childhood, but we aren't very close (not close enough to show up at each other's house unannounced) 2. पाटलांचा त्यांच्या शेजाऱ्यां सोबत खूप घरोबा असल्यामुळे ते मदत लागल्यास एकमेकांना आधी बोलवितात. Translation : The Patil family is very close to their neighbours (almost like they live in the same house and they keep visiting each other) so when they need help, they call each other before anyone else. 3. मी आणि माझ्या मित्राचा खूप घरोबा आहे म्हणून त्याला घराची एक किल्ली देऊन ठेवली आहे. Translation : My friend and I have had a very close relationship (almost like we live together) so I have given him a spare key to my house.