HebrewEħad bataħat shel hasheniBeing in a situation where people are forced together to the brink of total lack of privacy or personal space.

Sometimes compounded with "tku'im" תקועים ("stuck") in the beginning. Examples: • "That train ride was a nightmare, it was me and like a million other people stuck *up inside each other's ass* for 40 minutes." "הנסיעה הזו ברכבת הייתה סיוט, אני ועוד איזה מיליון איש תקועים *אחד בתחת של השני* 40 דקות" • "We can't hold it in my place, it's too small! You really want it to be 30 of us *up inside each other's ass* for the whole night?" "אי אפשר לעשות את זה אצלי, זה מקום קטן מדי! באמת בא לך שזה יהיה 30 מאיתנו *אחד בתחת של השני* כל הלילה?" • "Well yeah it's tough spending lockdown with 5 roommates *up inside each other's ass* but somehow we get along really well" "טוב כן זה קשוח להעביר סגר עם 5 שותפים *אחד בתחת של השני* אבל איכשהו אנחנו מסתדרים ממש טוב" This is mostly used when you want to describe such a situation humorously because of its... rather exaggerative subtext, but this can also be used seriously to emphasize a negative description of the situation. It goes without saying that this is an extremely casual idiom and I *STRONGLY ADVISE* not to use it in formal settings xD