German Duales StudiumA specific education type that lacks an English term.

So for the past three years I was doing a Duales Studium, and there is no proper English word for that kind of education so I always have to explain it intricately. Literally it's *dual studies* in English. Our university (that only offers Duales Studium) recommends the terms *cooperative studies* or *integrated studies*, but both doesn't hit the nail on the head. The principle is that you are employed at a company as an apprentice for three years and you get a monthly wage during that time. You also get normal vacation off. However, half of the time you spend at a university, where you take courses in semesters that take 3 months, with exams in the end. You get credit points for the exams, but also for the project works you do in the time where you're at your company. In the end, you write your bachelor's thesis at your company and finally obtain your bachelor's degree like any other student too, and most likely you are offered a follow-up contract. [If you guys know a term that makes it obvious for English speakers, I'd appreciate it - I haven't found one in years]