GermanDochDouble negative.

In German, if someone has made a negative statement and you want to negate, you can just say "doch". Examples: "Du isst keine Zwiebeln, oder?" (You don't eat onions, do you?" "Doch!" (I do!) "Du hast deine Hausaufgaben nicht gemacht!" (You didn't do your homework!) "Doch!" (Yes I did!) There are also some subtle usages of the word, but they all have the basic meaning of negating a supposed negative statement or belief: "Du schenkst mir nie etwas zum Geburtstag!" (You never give me anything for my birthday!) "Ich habe dir doch letztes Jahr eine Blume geschenkt!" (I gave you a flower last year!) I'm a native English speaker, and "doch" is one of the wonderfully succinct things about German I miss when speaking English.