Colombian SpanishDar papayaTo give papaya, foolishly/needlesly exposing oneself to danger or ridicule.

Colombian idiom meaning putting yourself into a position where you can be taken advantage of. Often used in the context of someone having been the victim of a crime or hinting at an increased risk of falling victim to a crime due to an inappropriate response to a latent danger/threat. "Have you heard that rich friend A was robbed last night after drunkenly staggering through bad neighborhood B?" "Well, he kind of *dio papaya*" Often an implicit justification of the "he asked for it" variety. Can also be used to refer to a situation were somebody invites ridicule because a certain statement or action makes it easy to make fun of him. The kind of situation that would warrant a "he walked right into that one". (Disclaimer: I am neither Colombian nor a native Spanish speaker, accuracy of definition is thus not guaranteed)