Hebrew צ’יזבט chizbátA story built up for the sake of ending with a jumpscare by the narrator.

The term originally meant ‘tall tale’, especially in the context of stories told by [Palmakh](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palmach) fighters. Nowadays, however, it has a fairly different meaning. An example of a popular _chizbát_ (reconstructing the version I heard when I was 12) tells of a girl named Dana whose parents bought her a doll. After going to bed, Dana hears the doll saying (this should be said with a creepy sing-song voice), ‘Dol-ly lo-oves Da-a-na...’ Dana is terrified and tells her parents, who take Dolly’s legs apart, and they all go to bed. But after going to bed again, Dana hears (same sing-song voice), ‘Dol-ly still loves Da-a-na...’ Dana goes to her parents again, who take off her arms, and they all go to bed again. But once again, after going to bed, Dana hears, ‘Dol-ly still loves Da-a-na...’ Dana gets back up again and tells her parents, who now take Dolly and throw all of her parts into the trash can downstairs and go back to bed. This time Dana hears: ‘Dol-ly gets her le-eft leg... Dol-ly gets her ri-ight leg... Dol-ly gets her le-eft arm... Dol-ly gets her ri-ight arm... Dol-ly go-oes to the kitchen... Dol-ly o-pens the draw-er... Dol-ly go-oes up the stairs... Dol-ly ki-ills mummy... Dol-ly ki-ills Daddy... Dol-ly is co-ming fo-or Dana... Dol-ly is co-ming with [sudden shout] A KNIFE!!’ I haven’t heard those since middle school but I’ve heard a handful in elementary, for example. And I’ve never heard of those in English. Anyone familiar with this genre, in English or otherwise? (By the way: back in the day I came up with a version where after Dolly gets all her limbs back she says, ‘Dol-ly now has all of EXODIA!!’... I was pretty obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh at the time.) **EDIT:** I Googled it and apparently most people (who aren’t old) define this as a basically a campfire horror story with a twist/shocking ending. Huh. The way I understood it as a kid was ‘jumpscare ending’, with some obvious non-horror examples.