Turkish CanThe essence of life that every living being has.

This one is difficult, because it has multiple meanings. Basically, it is what differentiates living beings from dead or inanimate, the essence of life, that thing that gets lost with death (it is not a soul, though, we have a different word for it). Every living being has it. It does have other meanings, too: - It can simply mean "life" : I put my can in danger -The essence of the person, me (but referred to as a different being) I am bored: "canım sıkıldı" (my can is bored) I hurt myself: "canım yandı" (my can burned) -Something you love with all your heart: "Can dostum" ="My absolute dearest friend". Sorry if it does translate, I checked the dictionary, but none of the translations offered was quite right (I think)