NorwegianBygdA rural community, area of settled land, parish, or just opposite of wilderness or town.

I feel I have to use different words for it each time. Sometimes "community", "village", "countryside", "parish", "county", "lowlands" or even "civilisation" to try capturing it. But none really work perfectly. They have no official borders. You just kinda know, since there are usually natural or cultural divides. Sometimes the entire open valley floor is the *bygd* as opposed to the mountains. Sometimes it can be not so unified, and you have multiple *bygd*s in one valley. In more open areas they can only reach a max size, and then they kinda start forming their identities the same as the local parishes or similar, often with small borders like a stream or patch of woods. You can talk about the rural areas as a whole as "the bygd" but also each little unit they consist of. Some examples of use: * "both *bygd* and town" (urban and rural areas both) * "we came down to the *bygd* from the mountain" (reaching where people live) * "*bygdemuseum*" (local museum) * "we drove from the city out on the *bygd*" (as a synonym for countryside in general) * "the *bygd* has its own power plant" (the local community does) * "to go *bygd-between*" (going between various communities/clearings/parishes) * "The *bygd* of Tuddal has a goal of becoming a village." (Classic villages aren't traditionally common in Norway so made news) * "The biggest farm in the *bygd*" (biggest one in his community. Maybe not in the municipality?) * "he lived on a farm on the edge of the *bygd*" (He lived in the outskirts of the settled lands, close to wilderness Dervived words: * Utbygd (out-bygd): Bygd by the sea or isolated bygd, colony. * Bygdeborg (bygd-fortress): Bronze/iron age fortresses built in the various areas. * Breibygd (broad-bygd): The wide open *bygd*s in Eastern Norway. * Skogs-/fjell-/sjøbygd (forest/mountain/sea-bygd): Describes what kind of area and what they live off. * Sambygding (same-bygd-ing): Someone from the same *bygd* as you. * Bygdelag (bygd-team): Various *bygd*s who belong together in a bigger unit. * Bygdetun (bygd-yard): A gathering of houses typical for the bygd as a museum. Or a place for important services.