Spanish - ArgentinaBoludearTo spend time in a non productive way. Also, to trick someone into believe something in order to make a joke.

Here in Argentina (Only here) we have the adjetive "boludo" (Sort of like dumb). And the verb "boludear", to not do anything useful (Sort of like "to kill time"). **For example:** -"Debería dejar de boludear en Facebook y ponerme a estudiar" -"I should stop *boludeating* on Facebook and start studying." And also "boludear" can mean to be kidding about something, but trying to trick someone into believing that stuff. **For example:** -"Sabés que ayer me crucé a Frank Zappa por la calle?" -"Me estás boludeando!" -"No!! Te juro!" -"You know, yesterday i met Frank Zappa on the street" -"You are *boludeating* me!" -"No! I swear!"