German/BavarianBasst schoVery unenthusiastic expression of (dis-)approval that can may very well mean the opposite.

Also a good answer to 80% of the questions anyone throws at you. I figure the closest English translation would be "it's alright" or "close enough", but can also be used as "not bad", "don't sweat it" or "you fucked up good and I won't forget that, may God have mercy on your soul, because I won't". Sometimes also used as an understatement in the sense of "not getting scolded is praise enough" or "what do you expect, a medal?". Examples: * "How are you today?" - "Basst scho." * "I just fixed this ladder with nothing but duct tape, do you think it'll hold?" - "Basst scho." * "I did absolutely the bare minimum that is required for this thing." - "Basst scho." * "Hey, I made this absolutely awesome thing, what do you think of it?" - "Basst scho!" * "I'm so sorry I forgot our anniversary! How can I make it up to you?" - "Basst scho." * "I just realised that I still owe you a few bucks..." - "Basst scho." * "I just noticed I wasn't put up for a raise, are you unhappy with my performance?" - "Basst scho." * "I stayed overtime and, in addition to my workload, also filled in for my sick colleague, what do you have to say to that?" - "Basst scho."