Chinese 不明觉厉 bùmíngjuélìI do not understand what you're saying but it seems awesome.

This is an abbreviation of the phrase 虽不明,但觉厉 (even though I don't understand, I think it/you are amazing) which originated from a bit a dialogue in Stephen Chow's movie God of Cookery. Can be used as an adverb, e.g. 不明觉厉地在旁边听着 / "listening to someone 不明觉厉-edly off to the side" It's usually used to describe situations where someone is using a lot of jargon / going off about something technical, and the listener nods on not really knowing what's going on but nevertheless impressed. Can also be used in a sarcastic or negative sense, like if you ran into a r/iamverysmart person irl