Marathi टवाळक्या (ṭavāl̤akyā)The silly and often counterproductive things that one does when they are supposed to be productive (studying, or doing some work).

Pronounced : /ʈəʋɑːɭəkjɑː/ This is not to be confused with 'procrastination'. While procrastination roughly means delaying something that you have to do, 'टवाळक्या' are usually the (relatively) counterproductive things one does either while procrastinating or while completely refusing to do any work. Example : 1. जिम काम सोडून ड्वाइट सोबत टवाळक्या करत आहे. Translation - Jim is doing "silly counterproductive things /ṭavāl̤akyā" (here टवाळक्या implies pranks and craking jokes) with Dwight while he is supposed to work. 2. ती शाळेत जायच्या ऐवजी बागेत मैत्रिणींसोबत टवाळक्या करत आहे. Translation - Instead of going to school, she is doing "counterproductive things / ṭavāl̤akyā" in the park with her friends (In this context, the child is playing outside when they are supposed to be in school, which is considered टवाळक्या) 3. फोन वरच्या टवाळक्या बंद करून ऐवजी मला स्वयंपाक करायला मदत कर. Translation - Stop doing "counter productive things / ṭavāl̤akyā" on your phone and help me cook food. (in this context, टवाळक्या implies gaming or scolling on social media on your phone)