German auf Lücke lernenTo selectively study only certain topics for an exam in the hope of getting lucky with what's being asked.

Literally: to learn on a gap Written examinations usually test your knowledge by asking questions about small samples of the study material instead of asking about each and every detail. When you don't have enough time to study everything, one strategy is to deliberately omit the details or certain topics altogether, preferably those that give you the most trouble or that you suspect least likely to appear on the exam. This is called "auf Lücke lernen" or to learn on gaps in German. As an example, think of a literature course that asks you to be familiar with 7 different books yet you are hopelessly behind schedule. You simply don't have time to be an expert on everything, so instead you just study 3 of the works and hope to get lucky by the exam questions focussing on just those 3. Especially if you would otherwise have to repeat the exam anyways, passing it by sheer luck on the 1st attempt is actually quite the valid strategy. Unfortunately I could not find a web dictionary entry for this one (post if you have one), so here's a [blog post]( instead that references multiple entries from translation forums. @mods: Please just remove the post if this is not acceptable. Edit: I heard that the French have "faire l'impasse sur qc." for this but it seem like a general term for skipping things. Enlighten me if you're a French speaker.