Spanish AcercarTo move something/someone closer.

- This is a pretty flexible verb. In reference to non-living things you can say: 1) "El acercó la radio para escuchar mejor" He moved the radio closer to hear better. 2) "Después de la segunda guerra mundial, los países de Europa Occidental acercaron tanto económica como políticamente" After the second world war, western European countries moved closer together both economically and politically. - You can also say it in reference to a person or group of people: 2) "¿Quieres que te acerque a la parada de autobús?" Do you want a ride to the bus stop? Or literally, "do you want me to move you closer to the bus stop?" For anyone learning Spanish grammar, keep in mind that with sentence 2 "acercar" is conjugated to the subjunctive tense because "querer" is used to express desire. 3) "Si Héctor mejora sus habilidades, acercará al equipo a un triunfo" If Hector improves his skills, he will bring the team closer to a victory. - Also related is the reflexive form "acercarse" means "to approach": 4) "Será dificil acercarse a ellos sin ser visto" It will be difficult to approach them without being seen 5) "En su primera jornada, El alcalde decidió acercarse a las víctimas de la inundación¨ On his first day of work, the mayor decided to reach out to the flood victims