Russian, cinematographyВнутрикадровый монтажCamera work term.

I am translating a video essay about camera work in the 2018 "Upgrade" movie. The problem is that the author used the Russian term, which (as far as I understood) has no English analogue. Here's the sentence: >Самое главное, что на уровне методов это все те же общие длинные планы, с **внутрикадровым монтажом**, которые в кино существует уже много лет. What roughly translates as: >The most important thing is that at the method level these are the same long wide shots with **intraframe editing**, which have existed in the cine for many years. This term (inframe editing / inshot editing) does not apply to editing, but means a change in angle, frame size, etc. inside shot, without cutting. There can be a lot of actors actions, and a lot of work with blocking. Here are some examples of this technique in action scenes: [](, []( Term page on Russian Wikipedia: [Внутрикадровый_монтаж](