Hebrewיין פטישיםCheap wine / Wine with high alcohol content.

The origin of the expression comes from (like the origin of a lot of a lot of Hebrew slang) the military, and it describes the [Kiddush](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiddush) wine that was commonly used in the IDF for many years. This wine, being the only type of alcohol that could be legally obtained in IDF bases, became (reluctantly) a cheap and available source of intoxication for generations of IDF troops, who experienced the unforgettable feeling of hammers coming down on their head during the extreme hangover in the morning- Birthing the expression "Yayin Patishim"- "Hammer Wine", a non-quality, high-alcohol-content wine. Along the years, the expression evolved to include all cheap and disgusting wine, not just the IDF kind.